5 Top Classic Handbags In Fashion World

The bag is always a sign of one’s status and personal style. In the last 10 years the word “It-bag” has been a trend in the social media. Let’s take a take a look at the five most well-known original designer handbags that are popular in the world of fashion.

Hermes Birkin

In the last few years, Hermes Birkin handbags are definitely among the most popular and heartbeat bags. The distinctive exterior texture as well as the classic design , and the astronomical price all make them a constant in the world of fashion. It is evident to be the case that Hermes Birkin bags will never be able to leave their place on the scene of fashion the past.

Fendi Spy

Fendi Spy bags are certainly worthy of the label ‘It-bag’. After being introduced to the masses, this collection bag quickly became a most popular choice of the female celebrities and in the space of a few months, it was the most popular bags found on New York Canal Street. The unique design and extravagant colours, as well as the constant changes in patterns, make the Spy perfect for women of all age groups. Whatever the model that has the eye-catching design or the stunning and stylish classic black leather item There is always an particular style to suit your style.

Chanel malaysian digest instagram livestream 2.55

What can make a tiny handbag turn into a major problem? Sure, taking an old-fashioned bag off can be a nightmare. Even the fashion icon Chanel faced the issue of frequent losses of bags during social gatherings. This is the thing that drove the fashion guru. On February 25, 1955 Chanel created this art piece that led to a change (from which the name Chanel 2.55 decides). In the beginning, by changing the military style on the straps. She also also added more feminine components to the dresses of women.

Balenciaga City Motorcycle

What makes this bag distinct? The answer is not the pockets, which are one after another and the tassels with a soft touch and its unique leather texture that is soft, and has a cupped surface. The variety of sizes and the endless colours make fashion lovers unable to resist trying it. Over the last 10 years, fashions on it has continued to increase.

Louis Vuitton Speedy

Following LV’s “fashionable forever’ ethos, Speedy is also in constant updates at all times. When Marc Jacobs took over the brand, he was particularly focused on the effects of the current generation’s culture. To comprehend the meaning of fashion and style of the most contemporary artists, he has regularly contacted some top contemporary artists. People such as Stephen Sprouse, Takashi Murakami, Sofia Coppola and Kanye West, among others. have made significant contributions to establish a solid platform that connects this iconic brand and the popular culture of the younger generation.

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