The Basic Components of Home Alarm Systems

Home alarm systems are an essential component of a safe and secured home. This is the reason why most of the homeowners consider the installation of home alarms in the recent times.

Now, it is imperative to understand the basic components of the alarm system that is installed in the home.

Control Panel

  • This is considered as the brain of the overall alarm system. The control panel receives the signals from the sensor devices which in turn help in the generation of the alarm.
  • The control panel is powered by a battery and has the capacity to dial the emergency phone number of a neighbor or the security company.


  • The sensors are the parts which are attached to the frames of the doors, windows or any other entry points.
  • The alarms ring when the sensors send the radio signal to the control panel unit that the circuit is broken.

Alarm Bells

  • As the name indicates, these create a loud noise for a specified duration of time and signal an alarm.
  • It is recommended to choose an alarm of a sound of a higher decibel which serves as a warning to the burglars.


  • The wires are needed to be fixed to the circuits and create the connection to the bells.
  • Other hardware is needed to fix the alarm systems so that it can begin its work.

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