Three Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

I am the founder/owner/grand poobah/etc. I’m the owner/founder/grand poobah/etc. of a large social media marketing firm. In other words, I have the responsibility to look at what people are doing with SM (or more accurately, not doing it) and fix it.

I decided to compile a list of my top 3 social media marketing errors and put them in order. This will help others avoid making the same mistakes that I do all too often. You may be able save money by fixing these mistakes yourself, which could help you avoid having to hire someone like me. You can do it!

1: Not Promoting

Promoting social media is all about promotion. However, many people don’t promote themselves or just randomly say “Like us Facebook!” Every now and again. Is that enough to make you want to connect with a brand via Facebook? That’s exactly what it is.

It can help to add social sharing icons to blog posts or email signatures. All your social media outlets are connected. This includes blogs, YouTube channels and email campaigns.

Promote any new blog post you create. Every time you create a new site page, product, or service. Promote it. You should post links to your feeds, and make sure you talk about them a bit. Promoting is hyping. If you post links to your blogs occasionally, then you are not actually promoting. You are not promoting if you don’t add videos to your blogs or tweet them. You get the idea?

2 – Incomplete instagram panel Profiles

It’s understandable that people have busy lives and don’t have the time or the resources to update their profiles from 96% to 100. I run my own SMM company so I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by social media best practices.

You must have all your profiles, not just Facebook or Twitter. You need to be full of good stuff. Not just 4 to 5 words. You need actual descriptions, bios and all the rest. It is also important to include links back to your blog and website, as well as complete contact information.

Last but not least, remember to load up on images. To ensure that your logo isn’t blurry, or distorted, it should be tailored to the website’s dimensions. Include any YouTube, Vine or Instagram videos if you have the ability to add them. videos possible. People should believe that you are willing to spend the effort and time to be there.

3: More Outlets

Did you know that top companies are on average active on 7 social networking sites This means that they are active, not only ON! Crazy, huh?

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