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TOP Best Suspense Movies

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Know about the best suspense movies- Anjali CBI

The Telugu remake of the Tamil film ImaikkaaNodigal is a gripping crime thriller. The story revolves around a mysterious murderer and stars Nayanthara in the titular role and director Anurag Kashyap and Atharvaa. As the protagonist, a CBI officer, tries to track down the killer, the cops say that he was murdered years ago. His demeanor and screen appearance add a layer of complexity to the proceedings.

Nayanthara did an excellent job as the CBI officer, as she always does. All of Nayan and Anurag Kashyap’s mind games scenes have turned out beautifully. Nayantara’s performance in one flashback scene is enough to demonstrate how she excels in whatever role she takes on. Anjali CBI is a compelling mystery thriller with a racy first half. Though the twits exposed in the second half are entertaining, the film’s sluggish pace drags it down. Like thrillers with serious narration, many who like thrillers should watch it, while others should wait before it airs on television. Get access to all the latest movies and enjoy watching Aha with your family.


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