Pittsburgh stadium

A proper planning of family trips is crucial if you want to increase your chances of bringing back good memories. Going with kids is very different from vagabonding where you can hike for miles, sleep in bus stations and basically, get around by hitchhiking.  

Here are our best places to visit during your next trip to Pittsburgh.  

Trips with Kids


By kids we mean everyone who is not a toddler or in his or her late-teens. While former probably won’t care much where you go, the chances are that the latter will care too much.  

But places like the Bicycle Museum or Phipps Conservatory are well-suited for families. Of course, if you’re into it. The Bicycle museum is also a shop where you can lots of beautiful vintage bikes whereas Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens not only is one of the eco-friendliest places in the world but also a great learning experience.  

If fauna is something your family loves, Pittsburgh’s National Aviary as well as Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium for you to check out. The first one is fine for a quick trip as in an hour you would check out the whole exhibition.  

However, you could spend the whole day at the Pittsburgh zoo. Luckily, they are prepared for that, so here you will also find plenty of choices to relax and eat.  

Previously, the heart of America’s industrial revolution, Pittsburg now seems to be back to its roots – nature. Maybe you want to hike, look at the stars and learn about animals, here you have lots to choose from.  

Trips for Adults


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Of course, sometimes holidays with kids may get frustrating and you may want to spend some me-time. Rivers Casino has some entertainment like poker, and slots but for classic casino games like baccarat online search would be your better option. Or, if you are a fan of hockey, visiting the Penguins’ stadium could be a memorable event.  

If you’re looking for culture events, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and Pittsburgh Opera should be good options. However, similarly to the Pittsburgh Penguins, if you are looking for events, make sure to get the tickets in advance. For example, tickets to Puccini’s Tosca and The Marriage of Figaro scheduled for October and November in the Opera are already almost completely sold out.  

Oh, and don’t miss the Carnegie Museum of Art or the Science Center. Perhaps, not all kids have appreciation for these buildings but it’s certainly a treat for an adult of any age.  


We could list a hundred of different places worthy of mentioning but it won’t make a difference if you won’t have your trip planned. So, first and foremost, talk to everyone who is going. What do you want to see? What are you after? You will soon see that the more specific answers you give to these questions, the easier is to plan your trip. And, it’s also a good way to save some money.