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Genius Sports combines with New York Stock Exchange for the first time

After completing its market combined with the specialty investment firm dMY Technology Group Inc II, Genius Sports will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The merger was approved at a special meeting of dMY II shareholders, and the merged stock of the company began trading on the NYSE GENI at https://www.webull.com/quote/nyse-geni under the ticker symbol GENI. Genius Sports will be searching for a buyer with over $ 145 million in cash and no financial obligations on the balance sheet.

Genius sports completes listing on the NYSE

Following the latest inclusion of two more major professional sports leagues in the United States in early 2021, GSG’s remarkable development and success look likely to continue. The National Football League (NFL) and GSG formed a multi-year strategic alliance in April to use customized, data-driven technologies to fuel the future of NFL fan experiences. GSG will be the sole provider of real-time official play-by-play analytics, proprietary Next Gen Stats (“NGS”) data, and the NFL’s official sports betting data feed to broadcast organizations and sports betting operators around the world. To associate its competitions with the regulated betting industry, Major League Rugby (“MLR”) announced an exclusive official sports betting data and betting streaming agreement with GSG in March. GSG has been given exclusive rights to record, handle, and sell the League’s official data to sportsbooks in North America and around the world through MLR.

Products and services

Sports leagues and federations use Genius Sports tools. This technology is used by sports leagues all around the world to collect, manage, and share data and statistics. Sports offer Genius Sports the freedom to sell their data and video material to sportsbooks, casinos, and television corporations. About 300 sportsbook brands are among Genius Sports’ betting partners. Genius Sports brings live data, odds, and feeds from over 240,000 live sports events each year to sportsbooks.

Future growth

NYSE GENI typically provides sales and earnings growth forecasts based on experienced analysts’ consensus expectations in this segment to help investors understand the company’s potential to produce a profit. However, while Genie Energy hasn’t provided enough historical data and hasn’t provided an analyst outlook, extrapolating historical data or relying on analyst forecasts isn’t a reliable way to estimate future earnings. This is an unusual occurrence since 97 percent of the businesses protected by SimplyWall St have historical financial information. The NYSE GENI is well-positioned to profit from the massive growth expected in the global offshore sports betting market. Before going public, the firm will be priced at $1.50 billion (£1.08 billion/€1.26 billion). There are many other stocks like nyse nga ws which you can check at https://www.webull.com/quote/nyse-nga-ws.

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