Pittsburgh bridge

I have followed the advice site’s authors have laid out here I took my family to Pittsburgh for a 3-day holiday. After I contacted the website owners to thank them for great advice, they asked me to share the experiences of my family. We have just came back and I am happy to tell Pittsburgh On Video readers about our trip.   

Here they are.  

Discover street Food


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Naturally, feeding a family of four requires a lot of effort, money and time. Food trucks were a real saver. Burgers, Mexican, Asian food, all sorts of foods. We actually made a game out of it trying all the multicultural foods and rating them. It’s as if we were in Chef for these couple of days.  

We also went around trying different restaurants. Some that our family liked most were Butcher and The Rye, LeMont, Altius. Besides having some amazing food, all three places were gorgeous.

Different Wants

Family trips also mean that different wants and needs collide. You can’t force drag your kids through museums and operas all day long, but you also don’t want them to spend all day playing with their phones. On the same account, we, the parents also want to spend some time for ourselves while the kids are in safe hands.     

So, we promised each other some alone time.  

The kids got to go to the amusement park, while we spent a few hours at the Carnegie Science Center. Also, during my ‘alone time’ while my wife took kids to Pittsburgh Children’s Museum, I found one of the world’s best slot sites. 

I went to the Rivers Casino Pittsburgh because of the poker tournament I wanted to attend, but due to the waiting line I stayed at the main hall. Funny enough, while Blackjack is my favorite game, I spent almost all of the time in the slots area. Staff is great, the casino is generous with their complimentary food and drinks and the selection of low-stakes jackpot slots is wide. What else can you wish for?  

Favorite Family Places


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Two places we went as a whole family were Idlewild Park and the Pittsburgh Penguins Stadium. Of course, the adrenaline and the emotions are much higher at the Penguins’ stadium but not surprisingly Idlewild Park was the family’s favorite.

We were a bit hesitant at first because Idlewild is dedicated for kids but after doing some research it was clear that they are well prepared to meet parents as well.  


Pittsburgh is not an exotic island. I will be frank, kids were not amused when I first suggested the trip. But now, as we have just came back after spending three days in the north, I am sure we are coming back there for a whole week when the Penguins’ season is in full swing.  

I highly recommend visiting, especially if you love world-class operas and symphonies.