We realize that this is a statement that any city will lure tourists with. But Pittsburgh is unique in so many ways that there is really no way we can lie by saying that Pittsburgh very well may be the best city in the world.

Pittsburgh – everything for everyone

The uniqueness of Pittsburgh starts with its location. With New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland just beside, you have to raise your game, don’t you? If you want tourists to notice you.

Similarly, it doesn’t have a coast with a nice beach for tourists, so other ways to appeal to people had to be found.

We already talked about big-name attractions like the Carnegie Museum of Art. That’s why now we just want to throw several less-known places to visit that make Pittsburgh the best city in the world.

Point State Park Fountain is a symbol of the birth of Ohio state. It’s huge.

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450 bridges . Maybe not all of them are unique but the sheer amount (that exceeds Venice’s) is worth something.

Mount Washington – in any weather it’s a sight to behold and a challenge to reach. You choose.

mount washington

Holiday kickoff night is a 55+ year old tradition and spectacle. If you are visiting Pittsburgh just before the holidays, don’t miss this special night of fireworks and celebration.

River attractions – Pittsburgh doesn’t have an access to a coastline, so they get by with what they have – rivers. And there is a ton of ways to have fun here from kayaking to a dinner cruise.

trams kitchen

Tram’s Kitchen – If you are ever in Pittsburg, visit Tram’s. For 15 years it’s been serving the residents and tourists of Pittsburgh some of the best Vietnamese cuisine across the U.S.

Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh goes 42 stories up and is the fourth largest educational building in the world after the Lomonosov Moscow State University and Mode Gakuen Cocoon and Spiral Towers in Nagoya and Tokyo.

Pittsburgh eagerly waits for every person who comes here. Once the heart of the American industrial revolution, now Pittsburg is progressive, lively and fun to audiences of all sizes. It has the charm of a small city but attractions for everyone.