World ‘S Greatest Orchestras You Should Visit

Below are some of the greatest orchestras you should visit. You will not only be inspired, but you will be entertained and also get learn a lot from the performances.

  • London Symphony Orchestra

Commonly known as LSO, this orchestra has been in operation for many years now. The gramophone pioneer Mr. Fred Gaisberg together with Principal Arthur Nikisch pioneered the orchestra and ensured that it was successful during the launch. In the year 2000, LSO live was launched that has won many awards including the Grammy, Classical Brit and Gramophone Awards. Mainly, LSO live appeals to both the young and old audience making it one of the most popular orchestras in the world.

  • New York Philharmonic Orchestra

The orchestra was founded in the mid-nineteenth century by Ureli Corelli Hill and has since been operational. The current director Mr. Alan Gilbert works with Sony music, Denon, and De Agosti among other labels. This is one of the factors that have led to the massive success of the orchestra. There are many concerts scheduled every year and the tickets are usually sold out long before the concert. This is because of its popularity and the high-quality entertainment that attendees get. Fans that purchase 4 concerts tickets usually get exclusive benefits as well. This is one way they reward their loyal fans.

  • Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra

Russia is renowned for well-organized orchestras and various other forms of entertainment. The most notable orchestra in Russia is Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra. They work together with the best record labels including Denon, Deutsche Grammophon and Decca records among other notable record labels. This is one of the reasons why they remain successful to date. Being a prestigious orchestra it performs all over the world and recently they had a very successful performance in San Fransisco and the fans were thrilled.

  • Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

This is one of the best orchestras in the world. They are based in Berlin Germany. The principal conductor Mr. Simon Rattle has constantly worked with Berliner Philharmoniker Recordings to ensure that the orchestra remains the best performing orchestra in the world. The orchestra boasts of various awards in the music industry. They include a Grammy Hall Of Fame Award, various classic Brit awards in various years, Fryderyk awards as well. This shows that it is a world class recognized orchestra and their concerts are recognized and well attended as well.

  • Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

This is one of the upcoming world-class orchestras. Established in 1911, the orchestra has grown over the years. They have teamed up with record labels including Lantis, Nippon Columbia Records, and Warner Bros among other record labels and this has contributed a lot to the success of the orchestra. Previously the band has performed outside Tokyo in various European countries and the tours were a big success.

  • Vienna Philharmonic

Based in Austria, this is also a very popular orchestra that has won many awards including Classical Brit Awards, Grammy Hall of Fame awards as well as Porin award. This shows that it is also a popular orchestra and their performances are also very successful with the tickets to the events being sold out.